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Monday, September 14, 2009

Its been a long time..:)

Hye friends! Hehe. Its been a long time since i've posted my blog.. Now,i want to share a story.. Hehe.. U know what.. Diz coming raya.. My big family is going to have a family gathering. And the funny thing is i am the 0nly male ajk. Hehe. There are 8 0f us.. MissGee, MissLina,MissIko, jojo a.k.a along.. Cha2 a.k.a epa.. Biella a.k.a buding n katy teya a.k.a taya.. And d last one is me. Hehe.. The gathering will be held at H0tel Executive LD at the 3rd day 0f raya. Supp0se to be next week o0.. N0w,i'm bz preparing d list 0f activities and hampers.. My family c0nsist 0f alm0st 50 pe0ple. S0,we,as d ajk,must prepare all d things.. Huh. Sure it is tiring.. And 1 thing.. I'm going to be d judges t0 judge the activities such as karaoke, the beautiest g0wn,fav0urite uncle and aunt and l0ts m0re.. Keep 0n hitting my blog t0 know d details.. Tata f0r n0w!:-D


Aina =p said...

wahhh... bestnya!!!!!!!!! cepat2 ko ks update lg blog mu ni

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